Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Two Questions: 1) About Eqyptian ID and Citizenship; 2) Does This Mean I Can get a Security Clearance or Not!?

If I have an Egyptian ID but no passport does that make me a citizen? Also, if it does does that mean I can’t get security clearance or what should I do? 
Regarding Egyptian Citizenship, this falls under two categories
1) Citizenship by birth.
2) Citizenship after birth.

Who is Eligible to Obtain an Egyptian Passport?
Egyptian passports are usually issued to Egyptian citizens for a period of seven years. To apply for a passport,either an Egyptian National ID card is required, or a computerized birth certificate for those below the age of 16. Students must furnish evidence of enrollment at the time of application. Some categories of applicants, mainly first-time applicants who are not students or pensioners, are required to pay a guarantee at the time of application. Applicants with a history of frequent travel are exempted from this requirement.

Where Are Egyptian Passports Issued From?
All Egyptian passports are issued from the Ministry of Interior's Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA) bureaus or from an Egyptian Consulate abroad. The new MRP is currently issued in Egypt only and Egyptian embassies and consulates overseas may only receive applications and return passports to applicants, but cannot print machine-readable documents, and can only issue handwritten emergency passports if required.

For Further Assistance to Obtain an Egyptian Passport, Please Contact The Embassy of Egypt Consular Services:http://www.egyptembassy.net/consular-services/

 Question 2:

If I have an Egyptian ID, does does that mean I can’t get security clearance, or what should I do? 

Contact your Area Security Officer for the best guidance.

Regarding U.S. Security Clearances...

...You're granted a security clearance when your position requires access to specific information and material. 

FYI, having an ID Card, or Dual-Citizenship, may or may not prevent a person from being granted a security clearance. Check with your Area Security Officer, for the most, current, applicable information.

How Do I Obtain a U.S. Security Clearance:
1) Be in a Position that requires having a Security Clearance
2) Be a U.S. Citizen
2) Renounce Citizenship from Country, other than U.S.; when applicable

3) Dual-Citizenship may, or may not impact you being granted a security clearance
4) Check with your Area Security Officer to find out what the process is at their location

I hope this answered your questions.  If not, reword your questions, and resubmit, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Will Not Listing I Took Shots of HGH on the SF-86 Form Come Back to Haunt Me?

A couple of years ago, I took a few shots of HGH, but stopped.  I haven't taken any since then, but forgot to list this on my SF-86; will this come back to haunt me?
It may.  It all depends on what organization you’re attempting to get a job at.
There are organizations that have automatic and presumptive disqualifiers that will prevent you from being hired; and others that won’t.
No one is perfect, and everything in our past is considered regarding employment suitability and security clearances.  This is considered the Whole Person Concept. And it shall be far easier to apply and work at organizations with past drug use waivers; over other organizations with Zero Drug Policies and other similar explicit auto-disqualifiers.

How many categories does taking HGH without a Doctor’s prescription falls under?
Two. Drug Use and Personal Conduct.

What’s the best standing guidance to follow when being submitted for a background investigation?
Be accurate, honest, and upfront with all information you provide on your background investigation paperwork. Because it all gets checked and verified, and thankfully, there are multiple opportunities to provide information we forget to list on our original paperwork.

Getting back to HGH, what is it; what’s its most common form of synthesis; and how can it be legally obtained?  

HGH is Human Growth Hormone. 
The body naturally produces growth hormone (HGH) in the pituitary gland, and, as its name implies, it is responsible for cell growth and regeneration.

What is the common form of current HGH synthesis known as?


How can a person legally obtain Somatropin?
Only through a doctor’s prescription

Are there any court cases that cover past HGH use impacting a person’s clearance?

29 May 2009 Court Case - ISCR Case No. 08-07998, Dated 05/29/2009
This Court Case is about an Applicant's Security Clearance beings denied because security concern could not be mitigated arising from Personal Conduct; In Regards To (IRT) their past drug use (Steroid); they failed to disclose this on their SF-86.  
* Everyone’s own experience and circumstances, may or may not be similar, and may or not impact the organization or position you’re applying for. Always check with the organization’s Human Resources and Security Office personnel for their own respective rules, regulations, and policies regarding automatic and presumptive disqualifiers.

Will taking HGH impact a person’s suitability or security clearance?

This depending on a couple of factors:
1. Did you obtain HGH through a doctor’s prescription or not?
2. How does the organization you work for, or plan to apply to, handle and treat drug involvement and personal conduct? 
o   Zero Tolerance Policy
Some organizations like the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have a Zero Drug Policy for its Employees
o   Automatic or Presumptive Disqualifier
Some organizations have policies that prohibit hiring anyone with a drug felony conviction
o   Waiver
Some organizations like the U.S. Army, may provide a waiver for past drug use
3. Where are you in the background investigation process?  
o   You’re getting ready to submit paperwork  
o   You’ve already submitted all of your paperwork 
o   You’ve already received your Personal Security Interview (PSI) 
o   Your background investigation was already Adjudicated  

FYI – Two things:

1. You can always volunteer information that impacts your employment suitability or security clearance up until your investigation is adjudicated. 
Waiting until after the Adjudicator contacts you to qualify discrepancies impacting your suitability or clearance is the most challenging way to get hired.
2. An organization can’t hire and bring you onboard until after all discrepancies impacting your suitability or security clearance have been addressed and resolved.
The organization may or may not let you address and resolve all discrepancies. If you are given the opportunity to address and resolve yours; go for it, and comply with all guidance and directions provided to you.

4. Have you participated, or shall participate in Urinalysis? 
o   Organizations can and do test for steroids  
o   Always identify on appropriate paperwork everything you’ve eaten, drank, or injected prior to participating in urinalysis; and be able to go back 28 Days, as some substances continue to be identified during urinalysis testing.
FYI - All test results are recorded, referenced, and compared with future urinalysis tests

5. What should a person do if they’ve taken HGH and are being initiated for a background investigation?

Before being initiated

When you can remember full details
List how many times HGH was taken, and include the most recent use (last time you used HGH)

When you can’t remember every detail
Estimate when was the last time you used HGH, and estimate how many times it was used

After your background investigation is initiated
Inform the Security Office or Human Recourse Personnel as soon as possible you have to update your background investigation and OF-306 Form, because you remembered information that should be included.

Before or during your Personal Security Interview (PSI)

Inform the person assigned to interview you, of information you remembered that should be included in your background investigation.

Prior to Adjudication

Submit a Memorandum for The Record (MFR) to the Adjudicator, via your designated HR or Security Point of Contact. This is your signed, written statement explaining all facts and circumstances that help you address and resolve all discrepancies impacting your employment suitability or security clearance. You may include all supportive documentation that you believe may help you.

If the Adjudicator assigned to your case, contacts you
about all discrepancies impacting your suitability or security clearance
This is your final opportunity to address and resolve all discrepancies impacting your employment suitability or security clearance.  Same as above, you provide a signed, written statement explaining all facts and circumstances that help you address and resolve all discrepancies impacting your employment suitability or security clearance. You may include all supportive documentation that you believe may help you.

Additional Option

Withdraw your Application
Withdrawing my Application; that’s crazy talk!?!

When a Background Investigation gets cancelled, there is no reason to adjudicate it anymore. But by no means is this a get out of jail free card.  If the investigation has been closed, it’s still valid for two years. 
This means, any organization has two years to review and adjudicate the investigation, and you’ll still have to provide a signed, written statement explaining all facts and circumstances that help you address and resolve all discrepancies impacting your employment suitability or security clearance. You may include all supportive documentation that you believe may help you.

Of course, to save you the greatest hassle and delay, just be accurate, honest and upfront with all the information you report on your background investigation paperwork because this is the fastest way to determine you are suitable to work at the organization you’ve applied for, and for the Assigned Adjudicator to have everything they need to mitigate your discrepancies impacting hiring and bringing you on board; when this is possible.